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If you’re a gardner and want beautiful roses, what do you do? First you probably look for aphids or other pests. Second you look at the health of the leaves and the rose buds and petals.  If you see problems then how do you treat them?  You get out the fertilizer and feed the roots.

Then do you stand up and look at the leaves & flowers to see if it helped? No. You know it is going to take several weeks, or months, to fully see the impact.  The nutrients you fed the roots take time to make it through the plant then the leaves, stems, and finally to the rose flowers – It doesn’t happen overnight.

So what does this have to you and your skin?  You are like the rose. you look at your face in the mirror, see a problem, then dash off tot he store to get something to fix it immediately.  Does that actually fix the problem? No, it just covers it up. The same unhealthy skin is just below the surface.

If you fertilize your roots by taking high quality supplements that will insure that each and every one of your trillions of cells has all the nutrients to grow to be the best they can be, then you’ll see lasting improvements. It doesn’t happen overnight though. a new skin cell born today deep within your skin won’t make it to the surface to be skin you see for 30-40 days or longer. (skin turnover slows as we age).

The lotions you put on your skin can’t impart long term improvements since they only the top portion of your skin, they don’t make it all the way down to where new skin cells are born.

Skin care is important though. During the day you need to protect your skin from UV radiation, pollution, etc.  At night your skin goes into repair mode, so then you need to provide topical nutrients to help the outer layers of your skin repair itself.

We are conditioned to demand instant results. your skin, like the rose, takes time. Give your body and your skin four to six months and you’ll see a whole new you that is all natural.  The picture on this post is Claudia. She is 57 in this picture. Her skin didn’t always look like this. Go to our Skin Care page and you’ll see a closeup picture of Claudia’s nose and cheeks taken just before she started using our Sense Skin care line and taking the USANA Essentials multi-vitamins. This change took about 5 months to realize.