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Your search for a healthier, sleeker, more beautiful body was successful – you’ve found Bella Pelle Laser Hair Removal!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you tired of endlessly waxing, plucking and tweezing?
  • Do you want softer, smoother skin that glows with vitality?
  • Do you want to banish your acne scars?

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Hello Winter. Now that you’re out of the sun it is perfect time for Laser Hair Removal and you’ll be hair free for that vacation to the tropics and Summer shorts. Call us for details.

Hi, I’m Claudia, the owner of Bella Pelle Laser.

Our commitment is to give you the exceptional service you expect at prices you can afford.

We use the finest lasers and skin rejuvenation technology available for your comfort and safety.

Call us and come in for a free no pressure consultation so you can understand what is involved with hair removal and skin rejuvenation and we can see which process would give you the best results. 

Tired of Waxing, Plucking, and Shaving? Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis can give you the hair free results you want, fast and affordable.

Summer is almost here and the perfect time to start Laser Hair Removal – You’ll be ready for the your next beach trip or cruise.












Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is ideal for most of your hair removal needs. You can do underarms, legs, backs, lip, chin, bikini, etc. Laser hair removal is fast and affordable. You’ll enjoy the results you want and will soon be able to throw away your razor.

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Electrolysis is ideal for shaping the brow where a precise line is desired.  Electrolysis is also ideal for small areas with light hair or over tattoos. So if you have a few pesky light colored chin hairs, electrolysis will make them a distant memory.

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Want to be as healthy as possible with radiant glowing skin?  Do what 700+ Olympic & Pro Athletes and Hollywood celebrities do.






Nutrition for Health and Beauty

The skin you see in the mirror isn’t something static. I started growing four to six weeks ago deep within you skin, then moves to the surface. For the best glowing skin you need to give those brand new skin cells all the essential nutrients they need. Give it a couple months and you’ll be amazed with the appearance of your skin. Of course you also want to use the best skin care to protect those skin cells once they reach the surface.

You’ll see the difference in your skin, but you’ll also feel the difference as every cell in your body has all the nutrients it need to do its job as best it can.  This is why over 700 Olympic and professional athletes use the same products we recommend.

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Want to lose a few pounds and keep them off?

Diets don’t work. That is a fact, Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, and others make their fortunes on repeat customers – why, because they help you lose quickly, you gain it all back, and come back again, and again, and again….

Our program will help you lose the weight and teach you how to keep it off.

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