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Tired of Waxing, Plucking, and Shaving?


Laser hair removal is great for large areas, but for small precise areas like eyebrows and around the eye then Electrolysis is the treatment of choice. Electrolysis can also be effective for those whose hair is too light for laser, or their skin is too dark, or over tattooed areas.

Electrolysis, as the name should make it obvious, relies on electricity to affect hair removal. The sections below will explain how Electrolysis works and what you can expect.

How does Electrolysis work?

Electrolysis, as the name should make it obvious, relies on electricity to affect hair removal. The process begins with a very fine sterile needle-like probe that is thin enough to penetrate the follicle of a single hair. This needle is called the probe. Since the probe is thinner than the hair itself there is no sensation of pain and neither is there any bleeding when the needle penetrate the follicle.

Once the probe enters the follicle the probe is inserted down to the Dermal papilla then a small electric current is discharged through it to the root of the hair.

The electrologist, the technician who performs this task, will give the hair a slight pull with tweezers to see if it comes away readily. If the hair still clings to the skin then more sessions are required until the release is easy.

The best result is when the hair is pulled out and you do not even feel it. However, the hair should never be tweezed out because then the treatment will fail.

What should I expect?
Though electrolysis is a very effective form of hair removal you must not expect hair to go away in one session only. Thicker hairs will always grow back though with more and more sessions they will continue to get thinner until they eventually stop growing. So the thickness of your hair has a direct impact on the effectiveness of electrolysis. Once a hair does not grow back after three months since the last session then it will never grow back.
Does it hurt?
 The probe never comes into contact with any blood cells or nerves in the skin so it is not possible to feel anything beyond a slight tickle that is the overall result of electric current running just beneath the skin.

As you can probably guess, electrolysis is a very tedious process and isn’t practical for all but the smallest areas. In conjunction with laser hair removal electrolysis is useful for areas around the eye, like under the brow, where it isn’t safe to use laser and for getting the occasional stray pesky gray chin hair that the laser may not get.

Prices for electrolysis are based on the time it takes for each session.

15 minutes – $30.00
30 minutes – $50.00
45 minutes – $75.00
60 minutes – $90.00


No waxing, plucking, or tweezing within 2 weeks of your treatment for laser or electrolysis – we need the hairs to be in the follicle for these hair removal procedures to be effective. Shaving is OK though, so shave away, just don’t pluck, tweeze, or wax and you’ll get the results you want.

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