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Laser Hair Removal

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Say good-bye to unwanted facial and body hair. Laser hair removal is a fast, safe, virtually pain free, and affordable. You’ll get the results you want at a price you can afford.

When you look at laser hair removal, you need to take a close look at the laser which will be doing the work. We have three different lasers. Our Candela GentleLase lasers are the finest available and the latest and fastest model – There is no better laser for hair removal for those with brown or black hair.

For those few pesky hairs, fine shaping of brows, etc we offer electrolysis. Electrolysis works on a single hair at a time so it isn’t nearly as fast as laser, but it is ideal for shaping the brows, and for getting a few pesky chin hairs. Click here to learn more about electrolysis.
We offer affordable permanent hair removal for men and women. We keep our overhead as low as possible so we can pass the savings on to you. You’ll find our prices the lowest available.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page from the menu link for detailed answers to some of our most common questions concerning hair removal,

Laser is great for large areas, but can’t be done around the eyes, where Electrolysis can. You may have dark hair, which our Candela laser will work great on, but may have one pesky gray hair, where Electrolysis can be used.

Contact us to schedule a free informative consultation and find out if laser hair removal will work for you. We know your life is busy so we’ll work with your schedule. We can make appointments in the mornings, evenings, and weekends to accommodate your schedule. But please call for an appointment as we don’t accept walk-ins.

We are conveniently located in Broomfield, Colorado. If you live in Broomfield, Boulder, Northglenn, Thornton, Louisville, Westminster, Erie, Brighton, or the Northern metro Denver area, then we’re just minutes away.

Effective May 1, 2023


Women’s Prices

  Area   Individual Treatment
Eye Brows $75
Lip or Chin $60
Side of Face $75
Lip & Chin Combo $90
Lip, Chin, and Side of Face $100
Underarms $100
Arms $155
Pool Special (underarms & regular bikini) $175
Abdomen or Lower Back $175
Bikini Line $90
Extended Bikini $150
Brazilian Bikini $175
Bottom $150
Thighs $225
Lower Legs $225
Full Legs $340



Effective Feb 3, 2023


 Men’s Prices




Eye Brows
Back of neck
Front of neck
Back or Chest (neck to waist)
Full Beard
Full Legs
Lower Legs
Feet & Toes



No waxing, plucking, or tweezing within 2 weeks of your treatment for laser or electrolysis – we need the hairs to be in the follicle for these hair removal procedures to be effective. Shaving is OK though, so shave away, just don’t pluck, tweeze, or wax and you’ll get the results you want.

Bella Pelle Laser is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Hair Removal - Laser & Electrolysis in Broomfield CO

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Our GentleLase laser is the state of the art laser for hair removal and aesthetic procedures. Tweezing and waxing only temporally, and painfully, remove any exposed hair shafts, but the follicle is still alive and will produce new hairs. Electrolysis will destroy the hair follicle, but it is a painful, slow, and expensive process that is impractical for more than a few hairs. In any given area only a portion of your hair follicles are actively growing at any one time and can be treated. Those that are dormant can’t be treated until they begin growing again. Five to seven treatments will be needed spaced between 4 and 6 weeks apart to treat all the hair follicles. After this you’ll be hair free and can throw away your razor. Below is a short animation of how ths works.

Key to your comfort is the patented Candela Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). Other completive lasers rely on chilled water cooling the laser head. This can only cool the skin to the mid 30 degrees. To accomplish this the skin must be coated with a greasy gel and the large head must be slid across the area to be treated. This makes it difficult to see the area to be treated and to accurately treat small areas. DCD reduces pain and maximizes your protection by delivering a short, targeted burst of non-toxic cryogen onto the top layers of the skin milliseconds before the laser pulse. This evaporative coolant speeds up treatment, without affecting the underlying targeted hair follicles and blood vessels or impeding the technicians visibility. This allows for very specific treatments of small areas such as pubic areas, ears, eyebrows, etc. All laser procedures performed under the medical direction of Michael Iannotti, MD. by trained and certified technicians.

Laser Hair Removal – Before and After:

Remove unwanted hair on all skin types quickly and effectively.

The pictures below show the typical results after a series of treatments. You’ll notice a reduction in the amount of hair you after each treatment until you can eventually throw your razor away.

Note that some people may grow new hairs so you may need an occasional touchup. Hormonal changes can stimulate the growth of new hair, so pregnancy, menopause, and of course puberty can cause an increase in new hair growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions we receive. Also please visit our blog by clicking on the link to the left and there we answer many other quesitons which come up.

What does Bella Pelle mean?
Bella Pelle means Beautiful Skin in Italian.
How does the laser treatment work?

The alexandrite laser creates a beam of laser light that reaches just below the surface of the skin where it delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the hair follicle cauterizing its blood supply, thus preventing the hair follicle from producing any more hair.

The wavelength of the laser’s light is attracted to the melanin pigment in the hair causing it to heat up, yet it is minimally absorbed by surrounding lighter skin and other tissues. Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology protects the upper layers of your skin with a cooling burst of cryogen. Together, the long-pulse laser and DCD cooling offer optimal treatment with minimal side effects.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Clients scheduled for hair removal should avoid electrolysis, tweezing, depilatories, or waxing for six weeks prior to treatments. If possible, don’t shave the day of the treatment; this will let the technician see the growth area. The technician will shave the area prior to treatment. Your skin should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, removing any makeup, cream, deodorant, or oils on the skins surface for treatment.

You should also avoid tanning in the weeks prior to and following treatment. If you are out in the sun, keep the area to be treated covered and/or use SPF25+ sun block. If you are planning a tropical vacation pleases allow 2-3 weeks between your vacation and your laser treatments.

If you have had a history of cold sores, (perioral herpes) and are scheduled for facial hair treatment, prophylactic antiviral therapy may be prescribed.

What can I expect during treatment?
Treatment will take place in our salon. You will wear safety eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser light. The technician will direct the laser to the treatment with a small handheld probe. Each laser pulse will be preceded by a short pulse of cooling spray. A treatment could take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour, depending and the area and condition being treated.
Does it hurt?
Some people may feel a slight discomfort with the laser pulse, sometimes described like the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. This discomfort is minimized by Candela’s DCD cooling. For some patients, a free topical anesthetic may be used prior to treatment.
What can I expect after treatment?
Immediately after the treatments, there should be redness and bumps at the treatment area, which may last up to 2 hours or longer. It is normal for the treated area to feel like a mild sunburn for a few hours. We’ll apply a soothing aloe vera jell and a sunscreen if it is on an exposed area. After the treatment you’ll be able to return to your normal activities.

Makeup may be used after the treatment. Just make sure that you have moisturizer on under your makeup. In fact, moisturizer will help the dead hair exfoliate from the follicle, so use moisturizer frequently and freely on the treated area. Any moisturizer without alpha-hydroxy acids will work.

What precautions should I take after treatment?

After laser treatment, avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks and use SPF 25 or higher sun block. In the first few days after treatment, don’t scrub or rinse the treated areas with abrasive skin cleansers. Treat it like you would mild sunburn.

Stubbles, representing dead hair being shed from the hair follicle, will appear within 10-20 days from the treatment date. This is normal and will fall out quickly and can be helped by using an exfoliating brush when you shower. Do not tweeze or wax this area though as that can actually stimulate the follicles to grow more hair.

Who is the ideal candidate for laser hair removal?

Since the laser light targets the dark melanin pigment in the growing hair follicle vs the lighter skin, those with brown or black hair and fair skin are ideal.  The process is a bit slower so the sessions will take a little longer compared to using the Candel GentleLASE and it will ususally take a few extra sessions.

Skin tone is measured on the Fitzpatrick scale which grades skin tone from 1 to 6. 1 being very fair to 6 being the very darkest. Our laser is effective on skin types 1-4. Those with type 5 & 6 (African, dark Middle Eastern, dark Indian, etc Skin) will have better results using a YAG laser which has fewer side effects with darkest skin tones.

During the free consultation we can determine if laser hair removal is right for you.


What areas can be treated?

Where ever you grow hair, we can remove it with one exception, which is under the eyebrow or in the immediate area of the eyes. The eyes are very sensitive to the laser light and it is too risky to work in the area of the eye. Between the eyebrows (mono-brow) and above the eyebrow are fine though.

Some areas you may be interested in but that are unusual are:

  • Men’s Ears – As men age the changes in their bodies’ causes’ hair to start going in undesirable places like the earlobe and the inner ear.
  • Nose – Undesirable nose hair can be treated safely
  • Genitals – Men’s and women’s genitals can be treated safely. There are three degrees of the Bikini Line treatment for women.
    • The typical bikini line removes the hair which would be exposed when you wear a normal bikini.
    • The extended bikini also removes more of the pubic hair, but not the labia.
    • The Brazilian bikini removes all the pubic hair, around the anus, and the labia.
  • Scalp – Many men who are balding now shave their entire scalp and prefer the totally bald look instead of a fringe of dark hair. This can easily be treated in a few sessions.
How many treatment sessions will I need?

Most people will require at least 5 to 7 treatments, as the process is only effective when the hair follicle is in its active growth phase. At any one time you only have small portion of your hair in the active growth phase.

Depending on the area being treated your treatments will be spaced between six weeks and three months apart.


Are there side effects?
Normal side effects may include redness, blistering, and slight swelling in the treated area – these usually do not last more than a few hours. Longer lasting side effects such as purpura (a laser bruise) hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation or scarring are very rare. Avoiding sun tanning in the weeks immediately before and after a laser treatment and using a sunscreen rated SPF25 or greater will greatly reduce or eliminate the risk of unwanted side effects.
Is the hair removal permanent?

The FDA has certified that the Candela GentleLase can provide a permanent hair reduction.

Due to hormonal changes in your body due to pregnancy, menopause, or aging you may grow new hairs, but in a treated area these would be a stray hair or two and could be quickly treated with a touchup session.

Does Laser Hair removal need to be done in a Doctors Office?
No, but the technicians must by law be working under a doctors direction and supervision. By law the supervising doctor must be less than 30 minutes away.

Dr. Michael Iannotti, a local Broomfield physician, is our medical director and we work under his supervision. Dr. Iannotti has also been through the certification training and is trained on the Laser we use. Dr. Iannotti’s practice is 4.2 miles from our salon and his home is 6.2 miles away. So if there are problems, the client can be with the doctor in a matter of minutes.

If you have medical concerns, such as a history of cold sores or a skin condition, you can make an appointment with Dr. Iannotti at (303) 465-2323.

One note of caution when looking at other salons. There are some unscrupulous salons that operate without a doctor’s supervision and others use a doctor in name only. Some use a doctor who lives and works well beyond the legally mandated 30 minute radius. The Colorado Board of Medical Examiners rule which governs the delegated duties which are performed by Laser Hair Removal Salons can be found at http://www.dora.state.co.us/medical/Rule800.pdf in section II.D.7 paragraphs 1-8 on page 3.

How much does it cost?
The cost varies based on the size of the area being treated and how delicate the area is. For laser hair removal, each treatment will cost as little as $50 for a small area. Contact us for a free consultation and we can give you a specific quote for your area. Discounts are also offered for multiple areas done at the same time or packages of multiple treatments. Please refer to the Prices Page from the top menu.

About the Lasers

You want the most comfortable, safe, and efffective laser, so we did the research, tried all the lasers ourselves, and found the ones you want.

The laser is what does the work. Depending on the technology some can be very painful, but our Candela GentleLase is the premier laser for hair removal, veins, and wrinkles. It is very effective and the most comfortable of all lasers on the market.  The Syneron elos Plus is the premier laser for blond, red, and gray hair as well as brown and black hair.  If you’re salt and pepper, then the elos plus is the machine to use.

Below is a brief explanation of each of our lasers:

The Candela GentleLASE system safely and effectively treats a wide variety of cosmetic skin problems that before now were difficult or impossible to treat. Our GentleLASE laser technology is known for its ability to provide permanent hair reduction for all skin types as well as treatment capabilities for pigmented and vascular lesions, and wrinkles.

For many years lasers have been used to treat a variety of medical cosmetic procedures including treatment of facial and leg veins, and rejuvenating the skin on the face. The GentleLase System, a revolutionary long-pulse high energy alexandrite laser emits a gentle beam of light that harmlessly passes through the skin where it is absorbed by the target. The laser energy is transformed into heat, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

The skin is further protected during treatment by a Dynamic Cooling Device where cryogen is sprayed onto the skin cooling the upper layers and providing patients with increased comfort. The GentleLase selectivity helps to protect the skin, while effectively treating the unwanted hair, vascular or pigmented lesion, or wrinkle.

Have a question for us? Send us a short note or call us at (303) 438-6604