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Sublative skin rejuvination can give great results on its own. It can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, acne scars, and other skin flaws. If you want the best possible results then you can do a few things to improve the results and let extend the results.

How does sublative work.

If you go to our sublative skin rejuvenation page the FAQ section will explain how Sublative works.  The sublative process damages the college in the skin and when it rebuilds it looks better and achieves the results you want.

How to Improve the Results

When the skin heals after the sublative treatment it needs all the nutrients necessary to grow the best skin. Think of a rose – If you want to grow the best roses, you fertilize the soil so the rose bush has all the nutrients necessary to grow lush prize winning roses.

Your skin is the same. you want to insure you eat a good diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, avoid fried foods and limit meats to grass feed beef, chicken, and dairy and wild caught seafood. Best is to eat several servings of farm raised salmon.

You must also supplement with high quality supplements. The soil is depleted of many minerals and commercial producers only fertilize with the nutrients the plant needs to grow large, since we pay for produce by the weight, not the nutrients. So micro nutrients like selenium, manganese, boron, etc can be almost lacking in some foods.  For this you need a good supplement to provide all the nutrients to grow the best skin and the best healing.

What you put on your skin also makes a difference. You don’t want to put anything on which is irritating. Many skin care products use natural oils to preserve the product, but these oils like grapefruit, lavender, etc are very irritating to the skin. You also want a skin care line with no chemical preservatives nor irritating oils.

When you come in for a free consultation we’ll show the products which will give you the best results.

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