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Halloween is less than a week away, so what better way to scare the Trick-or-Treaters than to open the door and scare them to death. We can help with that. Well not really, but we can give you an interesting Halloween look for a few hours. How do you ask?

Sublative facial rejuvenation. If you schedule a sublative appointment on Thursday afternoon or Friday you would have a slightly red and puffy look. Won’t really scare the kids, but they may wonder what happened. Of course by Saturday that will be gone and you’ll be starting to look younger.

So just think, scare the kids a bit on Halloween and then have friends asking at your holiday party wondering what you did to look so younger and fresher. Not the Cat Woman botox look, but just younger, plumper, more youthful skin.

So even if you don’t want to scare the kids, call us about Sublative so you can really impress your friends at the holiday parties.