Acne ScarWith Laser hair removal the change is pretty easy to see – there is less to shave and eventually you throw away the razor. But with sublative skin rejuvenation and VelaShape the change can be slow and many people come in and say they haven’t see any change, but there is change. So how can that be?

We take pictures of the area to be treated before each treatment.  The results form sublative skin rejuvenation occurs over weeks or months. So when you wake up each morning and examine your face in the magnifying mirror you don’t notice much change from the day before. If you could go several weeks though without looking at your skin, then you would notice the drastic change.

Take the picture of the young woman to the left. In the before the acne scaring is obvious and severe, then you look at the after picture there is a noticeable improvement. This is a month after the 5th treatment, so I’m sure she looked at her face in the mirror every day and didn’t see much change, but when she goes back and looks at the before picture vs the after then it is very noticeable.

We encourage you to take your own before, during and after pictures. Then each day as you examining every square millimeter of your face in the mirror, compare the results to the before picture, not what you remember from yesterday morning.

Below are a few more before and after pictures so you can see the results over a period of time.