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Have you noticed laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation clinics popping up on every corner? How do you know where to go.  Easy:

  • Don’t go to the new place. Instead choose an established business.
  • Look for an A+ Better Business Bureau. This means the business has been in business for at least 5 years and hasn’t had any complaints.
  • Should you check on-line reviews? Yes look for the bad, but question the good.  Some really bad businesses have dozens of terrible one, or zero star reviews, but the business owner simply posts 5 positive reviews for every bad one. Like they say a happy customer might tell one person, and unhappy customer will tell 10 people. Well today, they post a negative review. But a happy customer probably won’t post a review.
  • Talk to the owner and the technician who will be doing the work. You should be very comfortable and they should have years of experience.
  • Should I go to a clinic run by a doctor.  Depends. How long have they been in business and how much experience does the doctor have. Often a doctor will open a laser hair removal or skin care clinic and they’ve never done that work themselves before.  They just hire a technician and put them to work. You want someone with years of hands on experience with the equipment, not someone who just bought the machine.

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